New Here?

Welcome to Grace Brevard!

We exist to Enjoy and Express the Freeing Love of Jesus.

Our Sunday Services are at 10:30am in the American Legion building location at 55 E. Jordan

We are a young church that is geared towards:
Enjoying the Beauty of God
Growing in the Love of Jesus
Sharing in the Creativity around us
Connecting in our Love for each other
Serving our global and local community

We are an eclectic community of people from diverse backgrounds, ages, stories and ambitions. Given that our human condition results in "Gospel Amnesia" (a Paul David Tripp quote) we constantly come back to Jesus, the root of all Hope, as we exclusively lean on how all people are made in God's beautiful image, valuable and instrumental, yet are also desperately broken and in need of being re-created, which cannot come by self-help or morality but only from the Finished Work of Christ: Jesus Plus Nothing.

And with this renewal, we respond in thanksgiving:
-- to Him in Worship,
-- to one another in Gospel Growth and Community,
-- and to the world through sacrificial acts of love.

To get familiar with us, click through what a Sunday would look like, What we Believe, who the leadership is, and how you can connect.

Just so you know, we are pretty casual. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we take God, People and the Gospel very seriously. We have and will make mistakes, and have and will repent when we do. Our hope is not in how well we do things or how many programs have how many people, but our hope is in The Lord.

Even if that's not at all where you are, you will feel comfortable and find Grace Brevard a place for healing, hope and a great cup of coffee.


We are part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church Denomination.