Worship and Arts

Why does food taste so good, birds sound so sweet and mountains look so glorious? They don't have to. So why did God purposefully surround us with so much beauty? And even more, people, being made in the image of God and despite our brokenness, are filled with infinite creativity which allows and even propels us to make manifest that which is in our hearts. And this is the definition of art: all of us have beauty, love and truth inside of our souls, and art is releasing it in a million different ways. And the reason we do it is because we indeed are made in the image of God, the original artist. He had beauty, love and truth welling up from within himself and he let it out through creation, culminating in his creation of people, the pinnacle of creation. 
As we (lower case) artists tap into The Artist we not only join into the eternal community of artists, but we are drawn to engage and enjoy art; we are prompted to look for and experience glory; we get immersed into art itself, whether it be a painting, poem, story, sunset or conversation. 
We believe that art is one of the most powerful gifts the Lord has given us, allowing us to experience a microcosm of His very heart. And when we create art in any of it's forms, we are behaving in one of the most godly ways possible. And so we want to engage and share art in it's many forms at Grace Brevard simply because it is beautiful and reflects the heart of God.