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Jan 10, 2021

Uncomfortable Comfort (click here for resources)

Passage: 2 Corinthians 1:1-7

Speaker: Brian Land

Series: 2 Corinthians

Category: Grace Brevard

Keywords: hope, satisfaction, affliction, god of mercies and comfort

Overall Theme For This Series:  We continually encounter the diverse faces of creation’s broken weakness, which tempts us to desperately look for truth, hope, love and satisfaction in different forms of strength we can find among creation: powerful people, finances, abilities, stability, accolades. The strength of this world is inept in the economy of God, who intentionally chooses the low, weak, desperate and broken to bring wholeness and healing back to creation under the reign of Jesus Christ. And so we can boldly face our “afflictions” with our hearts settled on and by the God of all comfort. 2 Corinthians 1:1-7 In the face of ALL our afflictions we look for comfort in a myriad of salves when all the while we have a God of ALL comfort who faced the ultimate affliction of the Cross so that we can have the ultimate comfort of the Spirit who guides and guards our very souls amidst the enemies arrows. 


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Order of WorshiP

PRELUDE: Instrumental - The Ookpik Waltz


We The Kingdom - Take Me On a Ride

CALL TO WORSHIP: Psalm 63:2-5


  • Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus 
  • How Deep the Father’s Love
  • Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
  • Band: Vocals - Courtney Morgan, Vocals - Matthew Overholser, Violin - Clara Overholser, Guitar - Matthew Overholser

MESSAGE TITLE: “Uncomfortable Comfort”

CENTRAL TEXT: 2 Corinthians 1:1-7

RESPONSE: Prayer of John Baillie 

May there fall on me now, O God, a great sense of your power and Your glory, so that I may see all earthly things as they really are. Give me now such a clear understanding of your perfect holiness that I may no longer be full of pride in my own achievements. Give me now such a clear vision of your uncreated beauty that I may never be satisfied with anything less.

BENEDICTION: 2 Corinthians 13:14


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My Need for Comfort:

What are some of the top anxious-areas in your life?

There was animosity between Paul and the Corinthians because they had been (falsely) led to believe that Paul was weak, wrong and ineffective.

    Where do you need relational-comfort?

My Pursuit of Comfort:

Part of being image-bearers of God is to naturally seek peace and wholeness in the face of angst and conflict...but in our brokenness we often pursue it incorrectly.

What are some ways you find yourself pursuing “comfort”?

Think about some of these ways:

    Escaping / Medicating

    Moralism / Theology

    Busy-ness / Success

    Gossip / Slander

The Promise of Comfort:

This word “comfort” happens 10 times in this passage.

What is the difference between “comfort” and “comfortable”?

This word is “Para-Klesis” = “alongside + speak”

It’s not about waving a magic wand and making us feel happy but more like a trusted friend coming alongside when things are rough. More like “consolation”

How does this describe the Holy Spirit?

Why does this often not feel like enough for us?

“Comfort” is integral to the nature of God: “Father of mercies and God of all comfort” is it helpful to know that God enjoys giving you comfort?

Think about these different ways God comes alongside us:

    Covers you (Ps 91:4)

    Below you, lifting you up (Ps 40:2)

    Behind and Before you (Isaiah 52:12)

    With you:

John 14:26

But the Helper (“para-kletos”), the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.

The Gift of Comfort:

The last verses give the natural calling we have...we are a conduit of comfort. As it comes to and into us, it then goes out to other. Who can you “give comfort” to? How?