New Facilities


Grace Brevard New Facilities

It was encouraging to be together in our new place talking about what we see God doing in and through us. Here is an overview of what we talked about:

Our New Facility will be a natural gathering center near downtown Brevard shared by a diversity of local organizations, both faith-based and non-faith-based. Our goal is to work collectively to meet various local needs (e.g., daycare, youth, art studios, theater, film, events, food, coffee, etc.), all while finding community and common ground through beauty and truth.
Our basic Phase 1

This has about 18,000 square feet sitting on almost 3 acres and will cost about $400,000 to renovate and begin our lease. We have about $175,000 currently available, so we would need to raise another $225,000. This would begin a lease-to-own contract.

The design will look like this:
This Phase will include the following partners:
- Young Life
- J.A.M. (Free Youth Music Lessons)
- Art Studios and Gallery
- Mountain Roots
- Playhouse & Film Society
- Facility for us to bring in concerts
- Rentable Venue
The Full Phase

This phase (design seen below) would have about 30,000 Square Feet and be the complete project. To do this, we would need a total of about $600,000, which means we would need to raise a total of about $425,000. We would use this to make the down payment on purchasing the building and roll the renovation costs into the mortgage.

Realize that this is only an extra $200,000 above Phase 1 but gives us the entire project, doubles the number of partnering organizations and we begin to own the building!
This Phase will potentially add the following partners (with total rent around $12,000):
- Silly Goose Daycare
- Boys & Girls Club
- Taco Shop
- Appalachian Coffee Shop
- Fitness & Nutrition

Once we have the funds, the project might take a couple of months before we are able to at least use it for Sunday mornings (while continuing the rest of the renovations), depending on what levels we can finish first to meet fire-code.
Let's partner in this Together!

Pray for God's leading in how you can help.
If you are able to give, you can give HERE, or drop off a check at church.
If you want to talk about non-cash giving (stocks etc) please email us.