Our Essentials

Grace Brevard Exists to Enjoy and Express the Freeing Love of Jesus

We believe that all of Scripture is God’s perfect Word. From the beginning to the end, the Bible is a love story about God’s unstoppable pursuit of his desperate and wandering people, who are saved by Jesus’ perfect sacrifice, exchanging our death for his life—our debt for his infinite riches.

Good News

Everything that we do is built upon the foundation of the Gospel of Jesus Plus Nothing. This is the True Hope that utterly transforms us from the inside out, impacting every single aspect of our lives.

Simply put, the Gospel is the proclamation of Jesus trading our desperation for his perfection on the cross as he empowers us to live a life of loving gratitude. To summarize:

  1. We are more sinful than we dare face
  2. More loved than we dare dream
  3. More instrumental than we could ever imagine.

Renewal by Faith

We are not only saved by grace through faith but also grow through the same means. The first and primary responsibility of a Christian is simply to believe, which in itself is even a gift from God. So we come to him not with our list of do’s and don’ts but with dependence because we never outgrow the Gospel. Regardless of where we are in life and faith, we are never any less dependent on Jesus and his grace than the day we were born.

Arts & Culture

God, the ultimate artist, created us in His image to make and enjoy beauty as our eternal expression. We don’t “use” art to engage culture or explain the Gospel, we are art-immersed because, boiled down, art is the process of trying to make visible the invisible; trying to highlight, explain and reveal that which we intrinsically know in our hearts. This is the Gospel: Jesus himself is God that became “visible” as he was born. He is the true expression of the invisible God. So when we engage the arts, we are engaging something of our divine image.

Community & Care

God is relational Love in his being and has designed us to love one another in honest community. Though we will certainly be a safe place for people to come and listen without fear of being forced into relationships they aren’t interested in, our goal is to create a place of honest and caring relationships where we listen, repent, forgive, grow, learn, and serve together.

Equipped to Serve

God’s Spirit lives in and through us, empowering all believers to serve the community in which we live. The very same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is alive and active inside of all believers, gifting us with time, talents, and treasures with which he wants to love others. Though we all have unique talents and gifts, we are actually all called to work out of our weakness so that it is God that gets all the glory rather than me and my “abilities.”