Congregational Meeting August 2019

HERE is the audio of the meeting.


Very regretfully and repentantly, we the leaders of Grace Brevard, with me (Brian) specifically, have to announce that the building we've been working towards is not going to happen. We've been praying and planning toward it for over a year now, but in the past few weeks it became evident that we were pursuing something that God doesn't have for us.

Here is how we got to where we are, some of which we as leaders are asking for your forgiveness and Grace:

- Last Fall we forecast and budgeted for an increase in attendance and giving that didn't happen. It's NOT your fault, but ours in "reading" our future growth.

- We brought a lot of people into the initial concept and plans and got a unanimous affirmation to move forward. But as we kept moving forward, we didn't include enough of you or the wisdom from experts. For instance, we thought we would get into the building right away (January 1st) and be able to have worship services. But once we were in, we found out that the city code wouldn't allow "gatherings" until we installed major renovations (like sprinklers and bathrooms).

- Over the past 7 months we have been working very very hard toward the building, but found out that, even if we had enough renovation money, what we are bringing in for budget could not sustain what our bills would be once we are in. It would utterly stranglehold us in ministry.

It is my (Brian) job to clearly and consistently cast the vision for Grace Brevard and I have not done a good job of it. It was very clear at the beginning, but over the past year I have neglected this essential aspect of my job. I am really sorry.

Grace Brevard is, as our name suggests, 100% dependent and eager for the Grace of God. We love because he first loved us. Our Hope is Jesus Plus Nothing...we cannot add to God's love for us; our behavior does not add to our standing before God because our standing has been granted to us by Jesus' life, death and resurrection. When Jesus said "It is Finished!" on the cross, HE MEANT IT! In Christ we are complete, loved, adopted and given to the Lord as a Bride. It is all him. And in so doing, we are made valuable and instrumental beyond belief. In so doing, His love compels us to love outward. We at Grace Brevard exist to Love Upward in Worship, Love Around (in the church) in Discipleship, Fellowship, and Love outward in Missions...because we are so deeply loved, God loves others through us.

To hear more on this, go to today's sermon.

Moving forward
This Fall we are planning on moving where our Sunday services are, which will allow us to include more Childrens' ministry, Youth ministry and an adult class on Sundays. We should have a signed contract soon and when we do, we'll let you know the details. The great news is, this place will give us much more room to grow in size (if we need) and depth.


  • That we are able to get another tenant, because we will be paying rent until we find another to take it over for us.
  • That we learn from this and humbly keep moving forward with the life of Grace Brevard.
  • That we passionately seek how we can love beyond ourselves, in our area and around the world.

If you gave to the building fund, that money is intact in the bank. You have 3 choices:

  1. We can give it back to you.
  2. You can keep it in the building fund.
  3. You can have it moved to the general fund.

If you want to choose one of these options (don't respond at all if you just want to leave it as it is), email me and I'll have it processed as you would like.